Cows that were introduced to Avenue Park in 2011, which led to the park being fully fenced

and enclosed at some considerable cost.

"There are few other places in the United Kingdom where such unbroken continuity in the landscape can be demonstrated to the public"

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Save Stoneham Park

Stoneham Park Latest News :


Please dont delay in getting your objection into Eastleigh Borough Council to make your thoughts known on the building of 1100 homes.

Follow the links below to Eastleigh Borough Council's website, to view the plan and importantly the "Can I comment" leaflet.

Here is a >link< to the applications comment section please give a few moments of your time to air your views.



We have received notification from Eastleigh Borough Council that Highwood Group have submitted a planning application for the Stoneham Park Site >here< .

We strongly recommend that you read through the plans and submit your objections to Eastleigh Borough Council - This will be your ONLY and LAST chance to tell the Council your views.

Please ensure you read the Councils "Can I comment" leaflet, to ensure your objections are valid and included for consideration.


Eastleigh Borough Councils Local Plan 2011-2029 has been rejected by the planning inspector - due to a lack of affordable homes and “significant” extra work is required by Eastleigh Borough Council to make a workable plan.


A link to an article from the Daily Echo is > here < where the failure of the plan was released.

A link to an article from the Eastleigh News is >here< reporting from a Council meeting on December 18th 2014

A link to Eastleigh Borough Council planning section is >here<


So on the news above, that the new plan will not be produced until the Summer of 2015, then consequnetly voted on by elected councillors, to be put to Gouvernment inspectors in the Autumn, means that your vote in May for a local councillor, will really count and you have a chance to ensure that your elected representative votes as you would like and Stoneham Park remains undeveloped and the fabulous are of nature that is it presently is.


Links >here< also to Highwood Group - a would be developer for the Stoneham Park site

also a link to there site set up for the development >here<










Welcome to

Save Stoneham Park

Eastleigh Borough Councils Local Plan 2011-2029 earmarked this parkland for development of 1300 homes, this was subsequently reduced to 1100 homes. However after the planning inspector reviewed the plan in November 2014, it has been found to be flawed, due to not enough housing being provided in the plan. As a further plan will be prepared and available for consultation in Summer 2015.


Please support us, to enable us to Save Stoneham Park, should it be included in the new 2011-2036 Local Plan for the Borough of Eastleigh.

The proposed area for development.

Designated as area E1 by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Traffic on Chestnut Avenue at 1500 on a weekday.

How will this change with 1100 homes on

Stoneham Park?, it is alreadty gridlock between

16:30 and 18:30 on Chestnut Avenue and

Stoneham Lane

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